Wondering if you should be on the Google My Business (GMB) bandwagon?

Here’s why you absolutely should be including this in your social media strategy:

1) Get discovered – Like it or not, you’ll have to admit that Google is a powerhouse at search. So if you want to be found online a strong Google presence is going to give you the best chance to be found and referred by Google.

2) Local SEO – Having a strong GMB profile will assist your local search SEO results, even if you already have a web presence.

3) Analytics – GMB accounts provide a great insight by way of analytics telling you a great deal about the traffic that you receive to your GMB profile. And knowledge is power!

4) Inform your customers – GMB has a posting function, somewhat like other social media platforms. You can post about almost anything including events, specials, behind the scenes, new team members…it really is endless

5) Increased credibility – Think about your own behaviours, when you’re searching online do you pay extra attention to those with a fully fleshed out GMB listing with up to date information and favourable reviews? Of course you do, and so do others.

6) Google Reviews – These are worth their weight in gold. By implementing a strong strategy to encourage your customers to leave you reviews on your GMB profile it again lends credibility and social proof to your business, your team and your service or products.

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