I attended a women’s business event on the Sunshine Coast in January.

It popped up online, it looked interesting and it was a new group of business owners that I’d never met before.

So, I drove over an hour to get there, walked (late) into a room of complete strangers (not a familiar face in sight), spent a couple of hours with them talking business, had casual dinner and drinks afterward, then drove over an hour to get home.

And it could possibly be the most worthwhile time investment that I’ve made in quite some time.


The sliding doors moment of being in that place at that time has led me to creating AND facilitating my first-ever accountability group. With two complete strangers no less!

What’s an accountability group you ask? Let me explain.

An accountability group is where a small number of people come together to support and encourage each other in reaching their goals.

These groups can be online or in-person and are often made up of solopreneurs or small business owners who understand the challenges of working independently.

The benefits of participating in an accountability group include:

    • Experiencing a sense of community and connection
    • Members can share expertise and give helpful feedback
    • It can be a powerful motivator being held accountable to a group of peers
    • Setting specific targets or goals for members to achieve
    • Helping keep everyone on track and making progress towards their individual objectives
    • An opportunity for face-to-face interaction either online or in-person
    • Staying motivated, accountable, and connected to a supportive community


Why has joining an accountability group been so motivating to me?

By opening up with the others in my group I have been able to seek advice, guidance and access a cheer squad on a weekly basis.

They are not personally involved or invested in my business and so they can offer a much more objective perspective and they have such brilliant ideas and skillsets that I don’t possess.

I’ve found it particularly motivating to make sure I have moved heaven and earth to meet the goals I’d set the week before.

And it’s helped my Introverted self to practice opening up more in a safe space.

And in return, I can offer my expertise, suggestions, and cheer squad skills to the others. Giving freely of my skills in this practical way is really satisfying

So far it’s been a truly transformational experience for me and one that I intend to continue.

Tell me, do you participate in a group similar to this?

Have you found it beneficial?

If not, are you keen to join one, or start one up?

If you would like to set up your own Accountability Group but not sure where to start I’m more than happy to share the framework that I have used.

Just contact me here or on socials and let me know 💗


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