Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor that specialises in offering remote administrative services, usually from their own home office.


You’re are running around trying to all of the things in your business…sales, customer service, marketing, social media, product delivery…and it’s at the point where you can’t level up.  You just need an extra set of hands sometimes to take on the tasks that are holding you back from brilliance.

Or maybe you’re already established in your field, things are going really well in your business but you’d like to become a Key Person of Influence.  You’d like to estabish a public presence as the person who is the go-to for your industry…but how do I do ALL OF THE THINGS to put myself out there?


You’re up to your eyeballs in paperwork, invoices, quoting, customers not paying and you’re not getting enough time to get on the tools.

Sole trader or partnership

You’re running the business yourself, trying to cover sales, marketing, reception, admin, accounts, compliance and there’s just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Micro business or home based business

You’re a small business owner working from home.  You don’t have space to bring help into your home office but you also can’t grow the business because you need help to stay on top of those extra tasks which don’t require you to personally to complete them.  You need a solution that keeps the space and privacy of your home and allows you to grow the business.

Small/Medium business

You run a tight ship but your Office Manager is going on leave soon, you’re concerned about the impact of the office work being unattended.


Your role is growing and you need someone on call to execute your events, manage your diary, plan your travel and itinerary, create that PowerPoint presentation or keep on top of your emails.

Or Maybe…

Your business has grown but you’re not quite ready to hire another staffer; you’d appreciate the flexibility of having someone on hand for a few hours each week/fortnight/month.

You’re in need of some promotional activity to bring in new work but you don’t know how to design a flyer or create a campaign on Facebook.

You have a project in mind to kickstart a new phase in your business’ growth but you don’t have time to do the research.

Your business is new and you need some help to get systems in place and a website and social media up and running.

So once again...Who Needs A Virtual Assistant?

Are you:

?  Tired of paperwork and administration keeping you up late

?  Feeling anxious about that project you know must happen but you can’t get started

?  Spending too much time working in your business and not on your business

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