“I’m so busy”

It’s the catch cry of every second person you come across.

If you’re a small business owner there could be any number of reasons why you feel like you are always chasing your tail, and maybe lacking in the time to actually get ahead.

The struggle IS real and I won’t pretend to know your personal situation, or the reasons why you constantly feel ‘busy’.

But do I invite you to contemplate whether any of these scenarios resonate with you right now.


You’ve been rocking your solo-preneur gig for a while now.

You’ve made great gains in your business and things have been going really well. But you’re pretty much at capacity.

Not only are you the brains and beauty behind your business, you’re also the marketing department, the sales department, the customer service department, the accounts department AND the chief cook and bottle wash.

No wonder your business growth has plateaued.


You’ve got a whizz bang, one-off project ready to kick off.

But it’s been sitting on the shelf for a while.

You’re at capacity. Your team is at capacity. Or maybe there’s no-one on your team with the skills to take this on board.

And you’re not ready to take on a dedicated team member on a permanent basis.


Your inbox is giving you (actual) nightmares.

Your business is built on your hands-on contact with your tribe, customers, fans and clients. But you can’t see the bottom of your email inbox or your social media messages and notifications.

So many of the messages don’t need your direct and personal attention, but you have to wade through them all to find the gems, the ones that are important to building your business.

You find yourself often replying with the same answers to the same questions and it’s taking you away from your true calling…growing your business with your unique skills.


Your documents and proposals are looking dated.

And they take you forever to get completed.

But you can’t figure out your italics from your indents and it’s all too hard.

If only you could just click your fingers and have professional looking documents that you are proud to send out.


Social Media is sucking your life force.

Every business needs to have an online social media presence.


Your competitors are on social media, so you have to keep up.


But thinking up content, finding images, picking hashtags and getting it all scheduled is just too time consuming when you need to be using your specialised skills in other areas of your business.


Now just imagine.

What if you could hand off just one hour per day of your workload.

What does that look like to you?

Have you delegated your inbox management so that only the truly important emails come to your attention and the bulk are just dealt with?

Maybe you imagine a life without needing to type up your own proposals…what takes you one hour might be reduced down to several propsals per hour in the hands of an MS Word whizz.

Or possibly your imagination takes you to a place where you never need to scratch your head for social media content again.


And that hour per day that you just freed up by delegating the everyday tasks…

…what can you do with that time?

What income can you generate with that hour?

Think about it and break it down, what is your hourly rate?

I bet it’s a whole lot more than what it will cost you to get outside help for that one hour per day.

So let’s talk about what I can take off your plate today

Let’s free you up to work ON your business instead of IN your business.

Set up a time to talk with me about your business.

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