As a Virtual freelancer I’m accustomed to working from home, or any other place of my choosing really.

Over the years I have found that I can harness periods of great focus, productivity and creativity by getting out of my own four walls and heading to a local coffee shop or one of the great libraries in my area.

The change of scenery, the ambient noise, the collective energy seem to really work for me.  But now that these havens have been removed from access due to the Covid19 restrictions I am really missing these pockets of work bliss.

What to do?

So to get in the mood for a Sunday work session I decided to create my own coffee shop vibe…and came across Coffitivity.

And it’s great, as I type this right now I can almost feel the energetic vibration of the room, the background chit chat feels comfortable and I can almost smell the coffee…or maybe that’s the home brewed cappuccino sitting next to me?

I figure now is as good a time as any to put together a collection of other sources of white noise to share. So here’s my top five to try out.

  1. Coffitivity – a super simple website, simply hit the big play button at the top of the page and away you go.
  2. Rainy Cafe – gives you a mix of cafe sounds + rain sounds. You can play one, or the other, or both together.
  3. myNoise – this 10 hour background coffee shop YouTube clip can see you through the longest of work days.
  4. Soundrown – not only does Soundrown include a coffee shop track there are also options including playground, fountain, train and the tried and true rain, birds, waves and fire.
  5. A Soft Murmur – a great coffee shop track with the extra ability to or layer multiple sounds on top.

Coffee shop noise isn’t for everyone, so if you are keen to try something a little different the list of other white noise generators is as long as a piece of string…rain, thunder, rainforest, Tibetan singing bowls, creaky boat, tumble dryer, fan on low, fan on high…you get the gist.

What next?

So go…get some coffee shop vibes to amp up your creativity and your productivity. Then be sure to come back and tell me which one you like best.


Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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