I don’t know if anyone in the Western world (social media user or not) didn’t hear about Facebook’s name change to Meta in the past few days.

If you’re wondering what it all means, it’s pretty simple as far as users of Facebook products go. Here’s the nutshell version:

The apps remain the same – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger What’s App, Workplace along with a couple of others.

The overarching company name has changed – so we’ll start hearing about “Meta” in the media as the entity that owns the apps.

Aaaaannd, there’s talk of the Metaverse. Imma gonna wait and see what that actually means as we go along.

Meta Australia has it’s own Facebook presence, you might like to have a look or follow them to get their updates in real time. And the Meta website has more info than you can poke a stick at if you’re keen to know even more.


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