I am an unashamed Michael Portillo fan, but I’m sad to say that he won’t be on the 2-week train.  At least, not THIS 2-week train.

Cherie Clonan taught me about this concept and it’s one to keep in mind when you are creating your socials, or if you’re assessing your strategy.  Basically;

Any time that someone interacts with your content the algorithm will keep showing them your content for the next 2 weeks.

Let’s break that down a little further, an interaction could include:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Save

So what this means is that if you can encourage your audience to take some kind of action on your posts on a regular basis you can keep your messaging in their world 🤯

It also means that without consistent and engaging content you will fall off that 2-week train and need to work extra hard to get a ticket to ride!

You have probably experienced this concept in action at some stage when a page has fallen off your radar (off your feed) and for some reason, you look them up or come across a post.  And then all of a sudden you’re seeing them more often again.  This my friends is the 2-week train in action.

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