Do you have a name that is a little unusual, causing folks to sometimes stumble with pronunciation?

I’m very luck to not be in that boat but I have been on the stumbling end 🤦🏻‍♀️

LinkedIn have very kindly built in a feature that allows you to record your name for others to hear when visiting your profile.

This cool feature is only available on the iOs and Android LinkedIn app (not desktop) and it’s super easy to put in place:

1) Visit your profile (click your profile photo)

2) Click the pencil/edit icon within the Introduction section

3) Tap the + Add Name Pronunciation option

4) Then record to your little heart’s desire

LinkedIn’s four tips for recording your name are:

– stay under 10 seconds
– limit background noise while recording
– speak slowly and be sure to pronounce every syllable clearly
– hold the microphone 4 inches from your mouth


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