I’m a huuuuuge proponent of personal development and so I’ve jumped in and learned lots of things over the years across many areas of business and personal interest. 

I love a good book to learn from, in-person, online courses, webinars and workshops.  I even completed a Certificate III in Accounting about 10 years ago.  I swear that I will never ever use that qualification, but I completed it!

But today I did something a little different. I commenced a Business Planning unit at the University of Sunshine Coast.


Make time for planning:
Wars are won in the general’s tent.

~Stephen Covey~

I don’t plan on being as dramatic as Mr Covey and winning a war, but it is time to level up and a good solid plan is the best place to start regardless of the goal. 

It’s only week one, but so far I’m really impressed with the course material and the opportunity to present my plan to a panel of industry experts at the end fills me with both fear and excitement.

So tell me what is the absolute best time/money investment you’ve made over the years to bring you the best ROI for your personal ife or business [or both]

Just contact me here or on socials and let me know 💗


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