LinkedIn has two ways to share your valuable content; updates and articles.

What’s the difference you ask? Read on…

LinkedIn Posts
– these are a super quick way to share your news and thoughts
– these are generated from the field at the top of your LinkedIn newsfeed, right where is says 
Start a post (see above)
– these updates will be shared to your connections LinkedIn feed
– get wordy, LinkedIn have recently increased the character count to 3,000

LinkedIn Articles
– this is a little like a blog built into your LinkedIn account
– articles are generated from the same area at the top of your LinkedIn newsfeed by selecting the 
Write Article button, instead of typing straight into the post field
– the character count with this format is a massive 125,000 so you can share really in-depth content
– your article could also be searchable outside of LinkedIn, depending on your profile settings
– articles can also be published from a Company Page by a super-admin or content-admin
– worth noting: articles are not able to be created on the LinkedIn app, this is a desktop only function

Once you’ve published an article be bold and share it to relevant LinkedIn Groups to further share your expertise.



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