Do you use #hashtags with your Instagram posts?

No? You should be.

Yes? Do you modify your hashtags each time, or just copy and paste the same hashtags every time?

Please, please, please don’t copy and paste your hashtags, using the same ones.

We all know that social media algorithms are tricky wee things, but what you might not know is that your content can be penalised for your hashtags being same same.

Instead, I invite you to compile several sets of hashtags based around your content pillars. For example:

– tips and tricks
– products/services (promo)
– industry news
– behind the scenes
– fun stuff

Your content pillars will vary depending on your business and your goals, but within each of these pillars craft relevant hashtags and then use this list for posts addressing that content pillar.

It’s ok to include a handful of hashtags the same, for example #YourBusinessName or #YourSignatureCourseOrProgramName but make the rest reasonably unique from the others.

If you’re wondering about Content Pillars and Hashtag research I’ll look more at these in coming tips.

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