Where on earth has 2022-23 gone?  I swear that I just wrapped up Christmas and yet here I am finalising EOFY bits and pieces.

Are you satisfied with the year that was?

When I look back to this time last year I’m quietly pleased with myself. 

While I really struggle to put myself ‘out there’ I am coming to realise that celebrating me is just as important as celebrating my clients.

So with that in mind here’s my ‘pat on the back’ list:

🫱🏼‍🫲🏽Kicked off LinkedIn Local networking events
💰Recipient of a Queensland Government small business grant
✅Instigated a weekly accountability group with a couple of amazeballs business women
📊Improved my support crew with a new Bookkeeper and Accountant who talk my language
🎂Celebrated my 8th business birthday
🏆Finalist in two categories of the national 2023 AusMumpreneur Awards
📈Increased revenue in line with the targets I’d set for myself

I know that there is more to be proud of and celebrate but I have a habit of charging on and not looking back too often.  

This year I invite you to keep a Cheer List, I will be.

    This could be as simple as a note on your phone that you add to through the year as things happen or maybe a folder in your email inbox where you save items to remind you of your achievements.

    Include things like:

    • compliments from your clients
    • reminders of financial goals achieved
    • milestones reached
    • social media analytics/results
    • or anything else that makes you puff your chest out a little at the time

    Open the list and skim through it when you need to ‘cheer’ yourself on, be honest we all have tough days in business when you wonder what it’s all for.

    Or when you’re planning what to do in the future in your business.  It might just give you a boost and some inspiration.

    Lastly, I wish you the *most* kick arse 2023-24 that you could possibly have!  Make those plans, record the wins and go get ’em tiger 🐯

    I’d love to hear your ‘pat on the back’ list for this FY. Just contact me here or on socials and let me know.


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