I am a proud Energy Conservationist.  I love to introduce a little ‘energy conservation’ into my work day wherever I can.

And by energy conservation I don’t mean turning the lights out and avoiding the air-conditioner…oh no!  💡🥶

What I do like to do is make efficiencies with my time.

One of the ways that I’ve been exploring this recently is with Loom who describes their service as:

“a video messaging tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos.

With Loom, you can record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously.

Your video is then instantly available to share through Loom’s patented technology.” 

And let me tell you it can be a game changer when you drop a Loom into an email, instead of trying to explain in writing what can be easily demonstrated on screen.

You can also share a link to your Loom Library and direct people there whenever needed.

I’ve used Loom to:

  • demonstrate to clients how to give me access to their social media accounts
  • show team members how to use my software systems and complete tasks that I’ve set for them
  • talk clients (and potential clients) through options that they are considering
  • embed videos into my client onboarding documents

And trying to explain many of these things by email, and having them understood in the way intended, can lead to an email trail going back and forth for way too long and taking way too much time.

So I invite you to experiment with Loom and get creative with the ways that you can share your message with video instead of text.

PS another gamechanger that you might like to try is replying to SMS, Messenger and DM’s with a voice message instead of typing. 

Just look for the microphone icon in, or next to, the text field 🎙️


So What Are You Waiting For?

Magnify Your Message with:

📌Done-for-you social media management
📌Social Media Mentoring
📌Email newsletters (EDM's)
📌List Building