In the past, I’ve had friends that have called me Monica.  This started waaaaaay back in the 90s when Friends was fresh and being a ‘Monica’ indicated that you were a little OTT and particular, just like the character. 

And I’m a proud Monica to this day, I love things to be tidy and organised.  I love to have as little chaos as possible in my world and if folding towels a certain way or insisting that the toilet paper is a fringe (and not a mullet) earns me that nickname then I am happy with that.

For me, part of being organised and as chaos-free as possible also involves systemising as many things as I can.  I find that when I’ve invested the time upfront to find an efficient way to do something, it pays off later down the track.

One of the pay-offs that I love is not having to remember things.  If I can put a system in place that takes care of remembering I am as happy as a clam.

Cue my Daily Productivity Workbook.  

When I sit down to work each day the only thing I need to remember (apart from making myself a ☕) is to open this workbook.

This little beauty started about 3 or so years ago and has been a daily brain saver ever since.  It’s grown and morphed as my business and my needs have changed and that is one of it’s superpowers.

It’s easy to get your own copy to personalise and tweak (not twerk), just click here and follow the instructions to make a copy in your own Google Drive.

I hope that you get some good use from this little resource, I’d love to hear what you think

Just contact me here or on socials and let me know 💗


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