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Be Seen.  Be Heard.

And be free from the time-suck of social media.

Hey you!

If you’re here we must have crossed paths at the 2021 Moreton Bay Small Business Expo.  I hope that you found the day super worthwhile, I know I did.

Now, about you.

I see you working hard in your business, caring for and serving your clients.

And when you are that invested in serving others I know how hard it can be to find the time, and mental energy, to get your social media in order.

Finding good content to share, creating your own original content AND also engaging with your audience on a daily basis can take up a good chunk of your day.

Especially if you haven’t planned ahead.

We’ve all sat in front of a blank social media post thinking “I know I have to post something, but WHAT am I going to say?”.

And after all, why did you get into
business in the first place?

I guarantee that you didn’t study hard, refine your skills and set up your business just to fall into a social media black hole every day.

If you’re in business you know that you need to be seen.

If you’re in business you know that you need to be heard.

Your service and your skills help so many and your message needs to be magnified.

My name is Mandy and I help
other businesses with this exact problem.

I have taken the time to plan out for you 31 Things To Post To Social Media.

This plan includes 31 actual and legitimate ideas, a 3-page worksheet to walk you through your own one-month social media plan AND a tiny bit of cheersquading & accountability (it’s not scary, I promise!).

It’s my gift to you.

Absolutely free.

No obligation.

Just pop your details below and I’ll send it to your inbox.


PS As an extra special gift I’ll also chuck in a FREE 30 minute Zoom consultation after you’ve reviewed the 31 Things resource.  You can pick my social media brain for half an hour, have me audit your socials, or we can chat about the weather.  It’s up to you 😉
 I promise I won’t spam you, and your details won’t be shared.

Simply drop me a line with your details if you’d like to receive my gift of 31 Things To Post To Social Media

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...Her eagerness to learn the industry in which I operate and her focus on adding value where she can is greatly appreciated. Mandy is responsive, creative and very adaptable. It was easy for me to connect with Mandy and her integrity is exceptional. An easy recommendation.

Susanne Jones
Managing Director, Just Better Care Brisbane North and CBD

I found that I had hit a ceiling on my sales and leasing numbers and with Mandy onboard I was able to increase my number of deals by allowing me to focus on what I do best and leaving Mandy to take care of all other aspects of my Sales and Leasing business.

Grant Simpson
Founder, The Commercial Guys

Her can do attitude and wanting to learn more about the business really sets her apart in her approach to work. We were very satisfied with Mandy’s support and team spirit. I would recommend Mandy’s work to all propective employers or clients because she really is a gem.

Naina Visani
Director, iKM Solutions Ltd

Mandy has worked with All Data and Communications on various projects, she helps us with systems, marketing, advice and just about anything you can throw at her. She has a great energy and brings alot to the table.

Dan Godwin
Managing Director, All Data & Communications Pty Ltd

Mandy is so easy to work with . She listens to what you need and delivers it in a timely manner. Her professionalism and excellent interpersonal skills sets her apart in this industry .

Lyn McKenzie
Optimal Lifestyle